FIncrime Australia is 100% community funded.  

Our work monitoring financial crime news; interviewing industry & regulators; developing new risk mitigation techniques and converting these to useful briefings is funded by 'patrons' who access our podcast series called 'The Fincrime Files'.  

You can become a patron for as little as AUD$1 per podcast  - and set a monthly limit on how much you want to commit - in case we go bonkers and produce LOTS of podcasts per month.

Rewards for patronage differ at various levels.  Some levels offer additional access to static reference material related to the podcasts.  Higher levels offer invitations to online expert collaboration sessions where you can raise questions, collaborate with peers and offer your insights.                    Read more about patron offers by following the 'Become a Patron' button on this page.

As we release each podcast, patrons are notified by email - helping you stay up-to-date and sending you direct links to the latest sound file to download and listen to at your convenience. 

Patron payments are managed for us by 'Patreon' a third-party hosting site accepting credit card or  Paypal pledges that are debited only after we load new podcasts.  At Patreon we are also transparently reporting our growth and income so you can join us growing momentum towards our vision.

You can cancel your patronage at any time but we'd love you to join us on this important journey...