Directors are exposed 

The media, shareholders and the public are exposed to stories everyday of organisations damanaged by financial crime.  Employee misconduct.  Executive corruption. Fraudulent trading.  Financial Losses. Loss of public trust.  Cyber-breaches and data losses. Regulatory failures and avoidable fines. Loss of public confidence and Directors' liability. Board collapses and criminal charges.

Right now financial crime and organised crime risk is not part of DIrectors' and Executive leaders' formal education.  Boards often rely on in-house risk or compliance teams or their accountant to guide them in this area.   

We help Boards and individual Directors navigate; challenge and stress-test the capability of those they rely on.  We help you assess whether your company has fortified your business from financial crime adequately.  We share insights about emerging crime techniques and we offer smart clear signposts to help close gaps.

We act as a technical suppliment to your Audit and Risk Committee bench - feeding you information or joining you in informative conversations or offering discreet Board briefings inside or outside formal Board meetings.  


  • help steer your attention to likely fincrime exposure relevant to your business;
  • critically challenge risk assessments you have been relying upon;
  • share our experience of your potential regulatory and professional exposure and
  • tease out gaps in technical solutions or remediation plans being proposed by executive teams or yourthird party advisors.

Round Table Briefings 

For confidential round table conversations, FIncrime Australia charges a flat fee of AUD $1,000 + GST that includes Melbourne metropolitan travel time; a two hour briefing and 30 minute Q&A. Interstate or international travel if required is billed in addition at cost.

Skype virtual briefings for the same fee are also welcome for remote, regional and rural community Boards. 

Fincrime Australia can also consider pro-bono board briefings where our usual fees may be beyond a Not-For-Profit's budget.

Online access to experts and peers

FIncrime Australia also hosts a biannual online event called FINTCH - the FIncrime International  Collaboration Hive.

FINTCH is an online meeting of expert practitioners and podcast patrons who donate as 'Liquid Gold' level patrons - $20 per podcast / minimum $240 per year.  

Together, at FINTCH - over 2 hrs - we wallpaper the hive (virtually) with emerging issues / threats, trends, new ideas and questions important to you.   Fincrime Australia facilitates the involvement of those invited who get access to possibly the most valuable asset of all - a committed, experienced, expert community on the edge of what's important.  

No travel.  Global. Practical. Smart. Gold.

Fincrime insights, news and ongoing education for Directors & Execs

See our Business Podcast page for links to access financial crime briefings on demand:  'The Fincrime Files'.

The podcasts are accessible to patrons who sponsor us for as little as $1 per month.  

Our goal is not to build wealth              We are focused on rapidly expanding practical business awareness and vigilance about his fast-evolving area of risk - to help insulate Directors and their businesses and customers / clients/ shareholders and affiliates from exposure and loss.

Financial Crime is a global problem.

Take-Away materials to guide action

At our business podcast link you can also choose to be a Podcast PLUS patron that enables you access to the Fincrime Files podcasts plus our summary briefing notes and signposts to help you implement the ideas & issues discussed.

The summary notes are useful take-away material for those who want to use the podcast content in a meeting or briefing of others.   

The signposts offer action steps and relevant questions Directors and managers can use to immediately in their next Board meeting to explore the issue's relevance in their business - toqualify risk and close gaps. We encourage open sharing of all materials accessed by our patrons. 

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